As you are well aware by now, the uncertainty caused by continually changing Covid conditions in Michigan has a cascade of effects. At MSF, the surge in cases has had two specific effects regarding our high school tour, the MiSFITs. First, it makes rehearsals and preparation for the MiSFITs extremely difficult to manage safely. Second, it makes the booking process erratic and frustrating for our client schools and our staff. So it is with deep sadness that the MSF is again suspending performances of the MiSFITs until January of 2023.


It is a decision we deeply regret having to make, as we feel strongly that students should discover Shakespeare through live performance. But the safety of our artists and your students is primary in our minds, and providing quality performances for our client schools is a close second. 


We hope that those of you who have been interested in or had already begun booking a performance for 2022 will consider bringing us in for 2023. We are committed to bringing live Shakespeare productions to schools – to assisting students in their understanding of why classical theatre is about the same themes as today’s entertainments and to help deepen their understanding of the arts and humanities.


We thank the wonderful, dedicated teachers who have partnered with us these past 12 years and appreciate all the work they do to make our performances happen. We wish you all the best and hope to see you next year.


Stay safe.