The Michigan Shakespeare Festival is proud to bring the passion and drama of live Shakespeare Performances to Michigan, Ohio, & Indiana schools as part of the MSF 2020 (our 11th Anniversary!!!) High School Tour.


Since Spring 2010, the Company has performed for more than 86,000 students in Michigan, northern Ohio, and northern Indiana.  We have a client-school base of over 120 schools.


For this upcoming Spring, 2020, both Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth are available at any time between January 13 -  June 12, 2020-- both can be performed in one day.


Please contact us with any questions: Hannah Noth,  


A young boy and girl meet by chance and fall instantly in love. But the feud between their families forces them to risk everything for their passion. All the elements of a Shakespearean Comedy with the outcome of a Tragedy, Romeo & Juliet is a dazzling and heartbreaking story of youthful romance gone awry.



Macbeth, a Scottish soldier, and his friend Banquo are met by three witches bearing prophetic greetings. Macbeth is told that, among other titles, he will become king. From there Shakespeare's play explores the perils of ambition and suspicion with bloody and violent results.