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Aarti Pradhan
Macbeth: Macduff's Elder Daughter

Aarti is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins Jr  by Spotlight On Youth) to learn stage combat for the production of Macbeth in the prestigious 2023 Michigan Shakespeare Festival Company.


She feels as if the Genie (Aladdin Jr by Spotlight Players) granted her the wish of playing a coveted role in a classic play this season. She is a pro at playing the antagonist after playing Tamatoa -The Shiny Crab (Moana Jr by Spotlight Players) , the Evil Queen (Snow White Variety Show by Spotlight on Youth), and Banzai (The Lion King Jr by Spotlight on Youth ) and uses all these honed skills in showing off her tween tantrums.

She debuted as the Dazzling Reindeer - Donner (RocknRoll Santa by Spotlight on Youth) and is now looking forward to make a lasting impact in her role and hope you enjoy it as well as she did playing it.

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