Steve Lee

Romeo & Juliet: Lord Capulet

Macbeth: Duncan / Murderer / Seward


Steve Lee is returning the the MSF for his second year with the company.


He has been acting in the Lansing Area for the better part of four years, although one could argue we are constantly acting and are nothing but actors on the stage of life.


He received an Associate's Degree in Theatre from Lansing Community College. He has been in numerous shows with LCC, Generations Community Theatre, Riverwalk Theatre and Peppermint Creek Theatre Company as well as directed and acted in the Renegade Theatre Festival.


Most notable roles are Oberon/Theseus in A Midsummer's Night Dream,

Martin in Fool for Love, Sam in Coyote on a Fence, Sam (lead) in The Flick and most recently Juror #3 (lead) in 12 Incompetent Jurors.


He also enjoys long walks on the beach, a nice candlelit dinner and Pearl Jam.