Kelly Rose Voigt

Romeo & Juliet: Nurse / Lady Montague

Macbeth: Witch 1 / Lady Macduff / Gentlewoman


Kelly Rose Voigt is an actor and teaching artist from Farmington, MI.


She studied at Albion College and the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.


She teaches elementary-school theatre with Drama Kids International, manages Pointless Brewery & Theatre, and is a founding member of Shakesbrew, a crew of actors who voluntarily perform unrehearsed Shakespeare using original practices.


Additionally, she recently finished an Interpreter Training Program and is pursuing certification as an ASL interpreter with the goal of making theatre accessible to all people.


Favorite past roles include Emma (The Renaissance Man, Penny Seats), Touchstone (As You Like It, Shakespeare in Detroit), Polonius (Hamlet, Carriage House), and Avery (Rapture, Blister, Burn, Matrix Theater Company).


When she isn’t on stage, Kelly enjoys reading/writing YA fiction, watching videos of red pandas on the internet, and sorting everyone she knows into the proper Hogwarts House. 

2019 MainStage Performances in Jackson, MI and Canton, MI

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