Tears of Joy

I wept a few days ago pondering the sad truth that the festival had to come to an end soon. Looking over our roster I now have several names, personalities, faces etched in my soul; beautiful people who are now apart of my heart song. I love this company, and it has been such a tremendous blessing to have been included in this gathering of good people who happen to be insanely talented at their art as well.

They say that when a meal is cooked with love you can tell, and I believe the same can be said about the theatre we create here at the Festival, (or Shakespeare Summer Camp, as we affectionately call it). The sacrifice of our leadership, the effort of the actors, and the sweat (and tears) of our amazing technicians are all combined with that special element of passion.

I have wept because I have truly experienced love, acceptance, and camaraderie. So to all the people who make this happen either on stage, backstage, on our board of directors, and in the audience—thank you. I am so grateful to you all for those tears I shed, because I know that they are truly tears of joy.

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